Friday, December 7, 2012

True Story: San Diego Stitch Pattern

I recently returned from a trip to San Diego for work. When I was there I felt inspired (I know, I know, I'm a doofus) by the boats and sand and Mexican cultural and architectural influence so I developed a new stitch pattern (at least I've not seen it before but, knowing knitting, it's probably already been developed by Elizabeth Zimmerman's cousin's roommate's ravelry BFF's third bridesmaid).
What it looks like in the nude... color yarn.
The picture above is unblocked. I have hopes that it will even out and open up with blocking. I'd also like to try it with a lighter weight yarn.
A chart that only makes sense to me.
The plan at present is to finish the nude cowl and post the pattern to ravelry. I'll likely also make a few swatches in different yarn weights and yarn types. Regardless, I like it. Maybe one day I'll turn it into a shawl...

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  1. Be-Yoooooo-Tea-Full. Love that you use business trips as creative fodder too. I love it.