Monday, December 10, 2012

Man-Cowl Mystery Solved

So, I love Ravelry.

I was PMed from a user today (anna-fo-fanna) about my search for the mysterious man-cowl (original post here). It turns out that I didn't dream up the cowl, a pattern already exists! I knew I wasn't nutters.

Here is the pattern I must have found but then didn't queue and therefore went through the process of recreating from (at the time uncertain if real or imagined) memory. The main picture doesn't exactly look the same but when you open the project pictures it looks exactly the same- which is why I suppose I had such difficulty finding it again. I think the only difference is that mine has a 1x1 rib and the original pattern doesn't (so... really... exactly the same).

I deactivated my reconstructed pattern on ravelry and contacted everyone who'd downloaded it or started the project and referred them to Michael Wynne's pattern. I also encouraged everyone to link their projects to Michael Wynne's pattern.

If you still want my reconstructed version of the pattern please feel free to contact me on ravelry and I'll send you the PDF.

Now... back to work!

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