Thursday, August 30, 2012

Craft Calling Card Bonanza

Coming back from SAW in June 2012 I came to the realization that I need calling cards  (non-business business cards, whatever you want to call them). 
I found this page and then lost several hours of my life scrolling.
This one is my favorite.
This one seems like the most practical.
This one was the most applicable but I didn't want to zoink someone else's idea.

However, looking through them actually really helped; I was able to focus on the elements I liked (reusable, sustainable, representative of my interests) and I'm feeling pretty good about my front runner. So....
Ta da!

For the card material: I've been looking for a use for all the cereal-box-packaging we have. We go through a good amount of this nice cardboard stock and recycle it every week; what a waste!I sprayed the cereal boxes with spray adhesive and affixed cotton paper to the sticky side.

Design: I started with a simple design (below) with my old blog name (zizzerzazzerzuz). I stamped my name on the back of the card. I then carved my design
Design 1
Stamp, card front, card back
I kept looking at the first design thinking it looked like the owl was resting against a tree. So... I  re-did it with the owl on a tree branch and the words within a carved heart.

First sketch of new design

Carved stamp of design
I decided after the fact to remove the heart area so I could create multiple designs to fit into that space. It also allows me to use alternate colors.

Different color options for the center heart
"Final product" shown with first sketch
I haven't had time yet but I'm going to carve some hearts which have my blog address, email address, etc. on them. I figure I can also use the background stamp for thank you cards (by carving a "Thank you" heart). I really like the single, background + interchangeable center stamp design. I thought I'd try to make another tree trunk with another interchangeable center design then try to match it to the first stamp, so it just looks like a really tall tree.

Other ideas I have for this:
1. A circle/clock (background) with different faces
2. A bomb (background) with different sayings for the center- like "You have an explosive personality... disorder."
3. A computer screen (background) with multiple read out stamps.
4. A book stamp (background) with alternate book titles/ pictures/ etc

Basically, anything that fits within something else.

I'm already working on a robot one where the body (center) of the robot can be switched out. Anyway, I hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Just a quick post to say

I'm still alive! You can't get rid of me that easily!!

Some cool things I've stumbled across recently:
1. Ever heard of "decimal time"?
2. Travel felt bag tutorial
3. Tea cozy #1 and Tea cozy #2
4.  I found this by accident...
5. And, love this hoop by Jemimah (sorry Jemimah, I took without asking... but it is just too awesome.)

^ OMG, that dragon is off the hoop!!!
(sorry for the cheesetastic humor)