Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sketching It Out

My husband has been complaining because he found several random pieces of paper (with sketches on them) strewn around the house which- as he put it- are suspicious looking.

What my husband calls "the drawings of a mad-woman" I call "Project Sketches." The sketch above is for some fabric-dollhouses I'm about to make for gifts using UK Lass's tutorial. Whenever I start a project (any kind of craft) I find that I have to sketch it out in order for the project to make sense in my brain.

I'm also working on finishing up my first attempt at a knit sweater (Rosamund's Cardigan); I can follow any knitting pattern much better if I sketch it out ahead of time (visual representation of the text). The project sketch below is of the sleeves (long sleeves are not detailed in the pattern, I sketched out the sleeves- as below- before I started to knit them).

I wonder how many other people feel the need to sketch out projects prior to starting; I'm sure I can't be the only one...