Friday, January 20, 2012

Made: Smock!

I'm in smock love with my new smock. SMOCK! Smock is definitely one of those words which starts to sound weird the more you say it (even if you brain say it).

I was cutting up old maternity shirts and using the bottom halves to make skirts for Nora. I still had all these top halves. The hard part (neckline and sleeves) was already done. I cut the green fabric on the bias and joined the triangles (grain matching) to make a long trapazoid.
Added the pocket, fake darts, and bias tape at the bottom.

I'm pretty happy with the final result and have plans to make a second smock, same method.


  1. YAY for smocks! one of my fave words too. yours is so cute and seemed very useful in class!

    1. Plus, bonus, it makes me feel like a craft ninja! I wish I could wear it to work.