Friday, May 13, 2011

Quilt Tops

I've been making baby blankets assembly style in order to keep up with all the babies being born at work (rather, they aren't born at my work, they are born to people who work at my work... you get the idea). If a parent-to-be reports directly to me or is in my reporting structure I like to give them a baby quilt; this has been fun in the past but currently 3 of my staff are pregnant. I spent 3 hours cutting all the fabric, 8+ hours sewing all the strips together, re-cutting into squares, sewing the new strips, etc and ended up with enough to make 7 quilt tops which measure 36" square.

About a week ago I finished the 3 blankets and now I have 4 quilt tops left (just in case...) Assembly style was great for multiple small blankets. However, after making all these, my son wants a blanket of his own.

How can it be that I've never made him one?

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