Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Christmas Cards and Santa Robots

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving but, in my brain, Thanksgiving is over and it's time to prepare for Christmas. I think this might be because last year didn't feel like Christmas at all; it was: whhoooooosh! Happy New Year. What? Christmas? Yeah, that happened; I think you were asleep. We didn't want to wake you up.

Last year's Christmas wasn't stressful; in fact, I don't even remember it. Work was stressful and I was staying late at the office quite a bit, working weekends, and spending no time doing Christmassy stuff with my family. I feel like this year I am making up for last year; this year we're having Christmas squared.

First up: Christmas Cards

I really like robots. I've decided that Robo-Santa will be the theme of our Christmas cards this year.

Four, count them, four Robo-Santas
 The stamp set I carved is modular so I can switch out the hat and center- just in case I need a Valentines robot or an Easter robot.
Two sets of legs, two options for arms
 I carved two sets of legs and arms so I could make Robo-Santa tall or short depending on the card size.
Stamping is the fun part. I like how he turned out looking a little nervous. It's the cutting out part that gets tiresome.
Pretty soon I'll be rich in Santbots, or Robo-Santas, or RoSanBotas.

I was thinking of stamping him in various poses and printing some Robo-Santas over at Spoonflower, maybe make a Robo-Santa pocket advent calendar. As usual, I think my ideas are beyond the limitations set by time. But, it's fun to think about.

What about you? What are you doing for cards this year?


  1. Amazing, wonderful and totally Kate. Miss you girl.

  2. this is wonderful!!!!! you need to teach me to do this. and sew. and make soap.....

    hugs sexy beast!

  3. Heee Heee! You rock as usual! I love the red and blue colors together. My fav actually. I agree about the facial expression. Very human for a robot :) Happy Christmas girlie. love ya.