Tuesday, June 12, 2012

SAW Spring 2012 Part 1: My Sawxperience

Before I get to details, I wanted to share with you all this lino carving (printed on fabric) I did during the Friday and Saturday free time at SAW. When I look at it I feel like I'm there again, about to walk on my cabin's dock. It makes me happy; I hope it makes you happy too.

I have a lot to say but, uncharacteristically, am having a great deal of difficulty finding the appropriate words to express/describe my time at SAW. It was f#&$*@# awesome. Therefore, I will attempt to break it down into categories and subcategories:

The expected:

1. Beauty: As expected, everything was beautiful- and I'm not just talking about the lake or Rockywood/Deephaven. Elizabeth and her team make everything even more beautiful by their uncanny attention to detail and aesthetic (personal notes to each of the cabins, yarn bombing around the camp/in the woods, lovely signs). I feel like the beauty of SAW is a direct reflection of its creators. However, since I went last year, I was expecting beauty; I was expecting a supportive, peaceful environment which nurtured creativity. I was not disappointed.

2. Awesome teachers and classes: Again, as expected, my teachers were nothing short of kickass. More on this in later posts

3. Friendly and supportive attendees: I can't count the number of times someone went out of their way to be cool, nice, and helpful. Sometimes I feel like SAW people are the Stepford Wives (but not in a disturbing way) of crafters because there is no drama, no competition, and no judgment.

The unexpected:

1. My cabin mates (there were 8 of them) were definitely the most unexpected part of my sawxperience. Every single one of them are as dear to me as my stash of madelinetosh, maybe even more so (which is saying A LOT); I am (now) looking back at the short hours I spent with them and am kicking myself for not staying up longer, finding a few more minutes to ask Fry about her handmade glass beads or Peggy about her quilts or J about her knitting (off again on again relationship). I want to know more about Hot Pant's other creative pursuits, MB's sewing, and Em's favorite crafts. I left feeling like I was just starting to get to know these truly and deeply inspiring women; leaving them was really difficult and it sucked.

2. Compliments: People at SAW compliment (and complement) each other with sincerity. But it makes me feel like... I'm peeing upside down. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a basket case; I can take a compliment about things I believe coincide with my strengths. I am just unsettled by compliments relating to those things at which I wish I were talented. Being able to sew doesn't make someone talented, it just means they've had practice. I believe real creative talent lies in new/novel ideas and the creation of something beautiful and/or meaningful that is wholly (as much as is feasible) original.

Bah! this is coming out weird so I'll just leave it at that. Moving on...

3. Hot showers: last year I had only two roommates and we had hot water the whole time; but I figured- with only two roommates- this was to be expected. This year I was sure- with 8 roommates all taking a shower in the morning- we were going to run out of hot water. I showered last every day and had hot water every day. BOOM!

So, if this moral has a story it is as follows: I love SAW like an aligator loves small dogs. It is wonderful and I can't imagine not going every year.


  1. So glad that you had a wonderful time at Squam. It's the beauty of the surroundings and the souls that attend that move me every time.

    I agree with you completely. I can no longer imagine not going.

    1. It was so wonderful to meet you, Christina; I aspire to your skirt making skillz!

  2. You just made my heart smile! Squam was a total surprise for me from the ground up. A blessing in disguise. Frye said it best in her original email to us all " It filled a hole I didn't realize I had".

    Love you bunches Martha. Hope to see you soon!

    1. I feel the same way!
      Who knew I needed a BFF who could teach me to dead-leg dance? I miss you all so much!

  3. "Those things at which (you) wish you were talented"?
    Girl, you're gonna get it.


    1. I used to be with it, then it changed; and what it was scared me! (I also love Simpson quotes, likely more than I should).
      Yay Pegs!!

  4. That lino print is fucking amazing! I'm sorry but sometimes it just deserves a 'fucking' ;-) -Jamie

    1. LOL! I am excited about the bags but need your input before I finalize...

  5. Yay, I found your blog! I miss you and the funny things that come out of your mouth. Get ready, as when I visit my mom in SW FL I am swinging up to Tampa and you won't even know what hit you. : )