Thursday, December 8, 2011

Some Progress

So, the end of the year is nigh and I have to review my "Craft Resolutions List" for the year...

Craft Resolutions List-
1. Finish this shawl - DONE

2. Finish Lily's baby blanket... not done
3. Finish a crochet motif baby blanket ... not done
4. Make knit boots ... not done
5. Design and make a slew of felt crowns (birthday gifts) for the birthdays this year ... not done
6. Design and make an advent calendar ... DONE!!! of note, I intended to sew a calendar that we could use yearly. This one is fun but I doubt it will last till next year.
7. Learn to wash, card, spin and dye fleece, roving, yarn ... I washed yarn and I learned to drop spindle so I'm going to say this is a 50% done.
8. Make something (tea wallet, bag, whatever) with reverse applique ... not done
9. Design and post at least one knitting or crochet pattern - DONE my patterns may have been simple but, darbginit, I did it!

10. Design and make Nora a new, smaller, softer baby doll ... not done
11. Make fabric houses/carry-alongs I made some progress on this! I have the plastic pieces ready to cover. I just have to do the actual sewing part. Oi!

12. Make a real quilt square ... not done

So, that's not terrible. It's not good but it's not terrible.

Merry Christmas!

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