Friday, November 4, 2011

1900 hours is 7pm... in case you were wondering

Did you know that you need a visa (not the credit card) to get into Australia? I did not know this. Any way, I went to the airport what I thought was 2 hours early for my flight to AU; when I checked in for my flight the attendant asks me if I have my visa. I looked at her in confusion. She explained that travelers need a visa to get into Australia and remarked how good it was that I was early.
I said, "How long does it take?"
She says, "About 45 minutes."
I said, "Won't I miss my flight?"
She says, "No. Your flight leaves at 7pm; right now it's 2:15."

Niiiiiiiiice. I was thinking my flight left at 4.

So, now I am at the mall food court. I have my visa and over 3 hours till my flight.

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  1. oops! you could have gone and squatted at my house! Mark was working from home today :)

    have fun down under!!