Tuesday, June 7, 2011

SAW Spring 2011: Post 1 of 4

I returned yesterday from SAW. For those of you who don't know, SAW is Squam Art Workshop, held twice yearly in New Hampshire. I learned of SAW from news posts on Ravelry. This was my first time attending any type of art workshop. As an overview-

The Good
The surroundings: the landscape was- although it may read as cliche or high on the cheese factor- really lovely and inspiring. Everything I read prior about the beauty of Squam lake and the campground were spot on.

The classes: I was lucky to get into Lino block printing with Lizzy House, Three Tools with Terri Dautcher, and Start to Spindle with Denny McMillian. I really, really learned a great deal in each of the classes. I also enjoyed the format, being able to spend an entire day dedicated to one topic was something of a luxury for me. I plan to dedicate a post to each class over the next week.

The people: I met some amazing, talented, and creative women who- I am sure- I will know and cherish their friendship for the rest of my life. Joan, Bev and Sarah were as inspirational as the surroundings at Squam Lake. Otherwise, 99% of the time the attendees and "Squam People" were really gracious and friendly. I think with any large group you're bound to have a curmudgeon here and there. For the most part we were able to avoid the singularities of negativity.

The food: yum :-)

The lodging: Perfect. We had a fire every night except the first night (as it was warm). We slept on comfy beds and knit by the fireside in rocking chairs or on the pillowy couch.

The Bad
Timing and Distance: SAW should be every weekend and I should live in New Hampshire.

The Ugly

Mosquitoes: Yeah, there were mosquitoes. Yeah, they bit me. Yeah, their deaths were ugly and their funerals were poorly attended.

More to come this week- next up will be my block printing adventure with the independent owls

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  1. Wow! I've been looking forward to hearing about your experiences, especially the spindling class. Thanks for the beautiful pictures.