Saturday, April 23, 2011

Plain Jane... my first pattern...?

There has been a lot of discussion over on Ravelry regarding the shawl(s) that the character of Jane Eyre wore in the most recent Hollywood version of the book (of the same name). There is no consensus regarding how many of the same or similar shawls there actually was/were in the movie; but, there has been general consensus that the shawl(s) is/are knit from left to right (or, since it is reversible, from right to left) in garter stitch. (link to KAL)

I actually disagree with this consensus (but I am very much in the minority and very much a knitting novice). I think the shawl is a K1P1 triangular shawl construction; there is a quick shot in the movie where the back of the shawl (or one of the shawls) is shown and, to my eye, there was definitely a spine. Therefore, I've started on my own version, making it up as I go along:

So, I suppose, this constitutes my first pattern; I have no idea how it'll turn out but, in the interest and spirit of open source, once I finish the shawl I'll post the pattern on ravelry for general consumption.

If you are interested in the current left to right garter stitch construction, here is the group link to the "To Eyre" pattern.

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