Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Craft Resolutions List - Update (more like "Updown")

So, the list. I can only cross off the first item; not much progress so far. Sadness.

But, here is the finished shawl!

In order of importance, I should finish Lily's Blanket then make Nora's doll...

1. Finish this shawl - DONE
2. Finish Lily's baby blanket
3. Finish a crochet motif baby blanket
4. Make knit boots
5. Design and make a slew of felt crowns (birthday gifts) for the birthdays this year
6. Design and make an advent calendar
7. Learn to wash, card, spin and dye fleece, roving, yarn
8. Make something (tea wallet, bag, whatever) with reverse applique
9. Design and post at least one knitting or crochet pattern
10. Design and make Nora a new, smaller, softer baby doll
11. Make fabric houses/carry-alongs
12. Make a real quilt square

We'll see how that goes for me.

1 comment:

  1. Love your projects! That is a cute fabric house,

    Fantastic goals. Um...I can help with the fleece washing and spinning. I don't have hand cards but I flick the locks with a pet brush and spin from that. I do have some raw fleece, too.

    A drop spindle is quite portable (just so you know).