Thursday, January 20, 2011

Three Thursday Things

Thursday is my favorite (English) name for a day of the week. I like the "th-" sound in most every applicable word and the "rs" part of Thursday sounds like a "z" (and "z" is my favorite sound).

What's your favorite sound?

Three Thursday Things

1. I was milling around and came across this blog (which everyone in the world knows exists but me) Juniper Moon Farm. I've already sent the link to Mr. Z with the subject line: "Things to get me for my birthday" (I'm referring to the farm stay, the fiber share, or any of the amazingly lovely yarn).

2. I'm a fan of owls (as, I find, most people are unless they've experienced a traumatic owl-attack in childhood) and I love this owl needlebook. Recently I've been obsessed with making tea wallets and would like to cough*steal*cough reproduce this design in the form of a tea wallet.

3. Yarn Swift!! Mr. Z built me a yarn swift for Christmas and I love it. I'll have to find the link to the tutorial but, the design is simple and folds up very small; it works beautifully.

My son (Jonah) loves to work the ball winder (Jonah added the blocks to the top of the wooden pegs for no reason apparent to me, but he claimed they were very necessary).

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